USA visa examinations

Please allow a 45 min appointment, and arrive 15 mins before to begin the process of documentation. You must have with you:

  • Passport, or if it is being held by the USA Consulate, an alternative photo ID such as a driver licence or proof of age card
  • Three (3 ) new passport photos endorsed on arrival by our staff with your name , date, and then signed by you.
  • Your Alien Case number ( from USA Embassy application documents) if already allocated.
  • Your Authority form- from the USA embassy web site, giving the name and address of the designated doctors- where you found us, or alternatively, the confirmation of identity from passport form.
  • Official records of any vaccinations that you have had.
  • Have fluids before so as to be able to pass a urine sample ( Do not have your own doctor to do any tests for syphilis, or gonorrhea or chest xrays beforehand, as they will only have to be repeated with USA State department security protocols in place. You may present test results demonstrating immunity for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella from your usual doctor if on the standard medical forms.)